I hold a PhD in Economic History from University College Cork, Ireland on the development of Irish banking and currency policy 1922-1943. My supervisor was Dr. Andy Bielenberg and my extern was Professor Brian Girvin (Glasgow). I was an Irish Research Council funded Postgraduate Scholar for the entirety of my research.

Between 2018-20 I was an Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Business, Trinity College Dublin working primarily with Professor Frank Barry.

I publish irregularly due to other commitments. But currently working on a reassessment of Irish commercial banking performance in the 1930s.

Peer Reviewed Papers

(With Professor Lars Jonung) “It can’t happen, it’s a bad idea, it won’t last: US economists on the EMU and the Euro 1989-2002

Econ Journal Watch, 2010.

(With Professor Lars Jonung) The Euro: It happened, it’s not reversible. So….Make it work

Econ Journal Watch, 2010

The Bank of England, Montagu Norman and the internationalisation of Anglo-Irish monetary relations, 1922–1943

Financial History Review, Volume 21, Issue 1, April 2014.

A gamble forced upon them? A reappraisal of Ulster Bank’s operations in Southern Ireland 1921-32

Business History, Volume 56, Issue 7, 2014

The impact of Henry Parker Willis and the Federal Reserve on the Institutional Design of the Irish Currency Act 1927

The Historical Journal, Volume 58, Issue 3, September 2015.

The role of T.A. Smiddy in Fianna Fáil economic policy-making 1932–45

Irish Studies Review, Volume 24, Issue 2, 2016.

(With Professor Frank Barry) A reappraisal of Joseph Brennan and the achievements of Irish banking and currency policy 1922–1943

Financial History Review, First View, 2021.

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