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I work as Senior Researcher for the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies (Martens Centre) based in Brussels, Belgium. I cover economic and social policy with a focus on the Eurozone, Anglo-Irish affairs, Brexit, the Middle Classes and issues related to jobs, equality and inclusive growth. I also edit publications from our network of authors and moderate public events.

The Martens Centre is the think tank of the centre right European Peoples Party whose core values relate to support for European integration, respect for the rule of law, adherence to democratic principles and the development of the social market economic model.

Recent Publications

The Italian Middle Class within a European Context (book chapter)

December 2021

Has Europe learned all the wrong lessons from Brexit? (working paper presented in Sofia, Bulgaria, September 2021)

September 2021

Getting Back to Basics: Four Centre Right Steps to Economic Recovery

May 2021

The Empire Strikes Back: Brexit, History and the Decline of Global Britain

March 2019

Recent Events

Too hot to handle: Will inflation kill Europe’s Economy Recovery?

December 2021

Interview with Maria Spyraki MEP on the EU’s approach to climate change

November 2021

Interview with Paschal Donohoe, President of the Eurogroup and Irish Finance Minister

June 2021

Interview with Sofia Zacharaki, Deputy Minister for Tourism in Greece

September 2021

Building a Gender Equality Legacy from the von der Leyen Commission

March 2021

What does Brexit mean for Britain?

September 2020

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