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Ireland Is Europe’s Weakest Link

08 November 2022
Foreign Policy

Beginning on Feb. 3, only three weeks before Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, the Russian navy held military exercises on the edge of Ireland’s territorial waters. The Russian maneuvers took place above the densest concentration of undersea communications cables linking North America and Europe. Six months later, more Russian warships, including the cruiser Marshal Ustinov, were spotted acting unusually in the waters of Ireland’s exclusive economic zone.

EU will regret making farmers the scapegoats for climate change

19 June 2023

Wasn’t the war in Ukraine — and the soaring supermarket bills that followed — supposed to make food security a top priority for the European Union?

On a jaunt to the Global Food Security Summit in 2022, even European Council President Charles Michel noted that the need for stable food supplies was “the major global challenge today … and now is the time for all of us to translate our political commitments into concrete action.”

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