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The EU will regret making farmers the scapegoats for climate change

19 June 2023

 The EU is leading Ukraine into a sovereign debt crisis

23 January 2023

The Anglosphere is saving Ukraine while the EU is saving itself

09 May 2022

Europe has learned nothing from Brexit 

24 November 2021

After Brexit, Ireland can’t have it both ways

29 June 2021

Recovery fund won’t fix EU’s crisis

05 June 2020

Ireland’s never been more alone in the EU

06 February 2020

This may be Brexit Britain’s finest hour

09 December 2019

Michel Barnier’s new job

18 October 2019

Unification, not no-deal Brexit, will destroy Ireland

18 September 2019

How to save Italy? Don’t

08 November 2018

The Guardian

For the EU to prosper, Britain must leave

23 January 2019

The Irish Times

Make no mistake, this will be a more eastern, more Balkan EU. What will that mean for Ireland? 

18 December 2023

A Dutch warning: Disconnection from Dublin feeds rural discontent

20 May 2023

Time to end our wink and nod, buffet-style approach to European affairs

02 January 2023

Does Ireland favour a euro zone of fiscal prudence or federalised extravagance?

26 November 2022

Ireland’s future lies firmly in the EU but it can never be at the heart of Europe

15 September 2022

Brexit lessons forgotten in EU drive to deeper integration

05 May 2022

Ukraine is learning that symbolism, not substance, will define EU response

21 March 2022

Golfgate a symptom of Ireland’s much bigger problems in Europe

24 February 2022

Our battles with Brussels are only beginning

11 October 2021

Ireland is no longer viewed as credible on key issues in Brussels

06 September 2021

Hotel quarantine system is an international embarrassment

17 April 2021

Europe risks an Irish-style housing crash

23 March 2021

Ulster Bank: The crash did what the IRA never could

19 February 2021

Our place in the new European pecking order is now clear

04 February 2021

Hogan affair displays Irish exceptionalism at its worst

31 August 2020

Ireland’s needs a new game plan for Europe

27 July 2020

With idealism lost, has the euro become Europe’s purgatory?

29 April 2020

Like the coronavirus, the euro zone must adapt or die

23 March 2020

Housing crisis: What the rest of the world can teach Ireland

25 January 2020

UK must suffer knockout blow if EU is to thrive

20 November 2019

Communism’s anti-democratic spectre is threatening Europe

16 September 2019

Ireland should be wary of a German embrace

18 July 2019

Brexit delay is the best thing that could happen to the Tories

April 12 2019

Why we should stop worrying and learn to love Brexit

20 February 2019

Our property market is still broken – and that means trouble ahead

28 July 2018


Did Angela Merkel’s policies go far enough for working women? It’s complicated

24 September 2021

British lessons for Europe in managing a post-pandemic boom

08 March 2021

Europe’s overreach with the Recovery Fund may spell the end of the euro

01 December 2020

The US sees the eurozone as the economy most likely to fold. It should look closer to home

28 May 2020

Lessons learnt by Britain in 1931 could save the Eurozone from post-coronavirus catastrophe

16 April 2020

Brexit is a rupture in Anglo-EU relations. But it obscures a much bigger tragedy for Ireland

30 January 2020

Brexit Britain’s mistakes over Ireland will come back to haunt it in US-UK trade talks

01 November 2019

In the wake of its own child abuse scandal, Poland must break the Church’s grip

21 May 2019

Britain fought wars to save Europe. Now it has lost itself – and Europe – over Brexit

01 April 2019

French renaissance or European nightmare? Why Macron has the EU on edge

12 March 2019


The Economic Constraints of a Geopolitical EU

10 November 2023

Azure Forum

Ireland Is Trapped in its American Dreams

27 April 2023

Foreign Policy

To save France, Macron is Dividing Europe

27 February 2023

Foreign Policy

Ireland Is Europe’s Weakest Link

08 November 2022

Foreign Policy

Ireland and the EU at 50

14 December 2022

Book Chapter

The EU’s Balance of Power Is Shifting East

21 June 2022

Foreign Policy

Ukraine aid from the Anglosphere makes a difference while EU leaders dither

17 May 2022

The Times (of London)

Central and Eastern Europe needs a different type of eurozone

25 January 2022

Brexit isn’t Ireland’s biggest problem in Europe

December 2020

President Macron, Germany and the Future of the Euro

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