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I regularly appear on TV, radio and in print to give comment and analysis on EU related affairs. A selection of my contributions are here.


Al Jazeera – Sanctions on the Russian economy – Arabic

06 April 2022

Al Jazeera – Economic Impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

19 March 2022

Irish national television (RTE, Primetime) – Ireland’s EU Commissioner

02 September 2020

Radio and Podcasts

Who speaks for Europe?

Institute of International and European Affairs – 22 May 2023

Irish response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Irish national radio (RTE, Drivetime) – 25 March 2022 – Interview at 10 minutes in

Diplomatic efforts continue on reform of global corporate tax

Irish national radio (RTE, News at 1) – 6 October 2021

Ireland’s reputation in Europe

Irish commercial radio (Sean Moncrieff Show, Newstalk) –  22 September 2021

Ireland’s response to the COVID pandemic

Irish national radio (RTE, News at 1) – 2021

EU’s response to the COVID pandemic

Euronet Plus Central (network of 13 EU based broadcasters) – 2021

Ireland’s membership of the Euro

Irish commercial radio (Pat Kenny Show, Newstalk) – 2020

British reforms of the EU

Irish commercial radio (Business Breakfast, Newstalk) – 2016

Extension of Greek bailout talks

Irish commercial radio (Business Breakfast, Newstalk) – 2015

The origins of the Euro

Australian national radio (Rear Vision, ABC) – 2011


Europe’s Unions Have Gone Quiet. Why Strikes Suddenly Stopped

Barron’s, 10 November 2023

Poland’s Election Had a Surprise Winner: The EU

Barron’s, 17 October 2023

Oprøreren fra Piggy Palace

Weekendaisen, 31 August 2023

How a Trade Deal With Europe Could Help Save Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest

Barron’s 16 June 2023

Dublín y el milagro económico: por qué no tiene sentido comparar el PIB per cápita irlandés con el español

El Confidencial, 18 May 2023

‘The Most Irish of All American Presidents’ Ends Ireland Visit

Voice of America (VOA), 15 April 2023

Biden highlights enduring US-Ireland bond

Voice of America (VOA), 13 April 2023

How Ukraine’s closest allies turned the tide

Business Insider, 28 March 2023

War in Ukraine – the political story

Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC), 26 February 2023

European Loans for Ukraine

Follow the Money, 23 February 2023

How NATO’s eastern half increasingly leads on Ukraine

Christian Science Monitor , 21 February 2023

L’Irlande tiraillee entre l’UE et le monde Anglo-Saxon

Courrier International, 12 February 2023

The In a visit to wartime Kyiv, EU sells “European Dream” that remains unfulfilled

Washington Post , 02 February 2023

The EU’s rewiring due to the war in Ukraine is game-changing, if it doesn’t short-circuit before the job is done

CNBC 26 June 2022

The 4-day workweek is coming.

Politico – Global Insider Newsletter , 11 May 2022

EU treaty change: Will the vision of a super-regulator stand up to political reality?

Sunday Business Post 15 May 2022

Europe Considers Shipping Insurance Ban. That Could Hinder Russia’s Oil Exports.

Barron’s, 20 May 2022

Me ei tohiks kunagi demokraatiat enesestmõistetavana võtta (Estonian)

Postimees 03 December 2021

Ukraine’s Bid for EU Membership Is a Long Shot—for Now

Barron’s, 08 April 2022

Ireland badly needs fresh thinking on its place in Europe

Irish Times, 20 November 2021

Pobrexitové spory pokračují už téměř rok, řešení v nedohlednu. Míč je na britské straně (Czech)

Euractiv, 25 January 2022

Ireland ‘confident’ of signing revised global corporate tax deal

Financial Times, 5 October 2021

Global Tax Deal Challenges Irish Prosperity Story

Law360, 4 October 2021

Ireland’s EU future

Irish Independent, 21 November 2020

Does Brexit free Europe to seek ever closer union?

AFP/Euractiv, 16 November 2020

Phil Hogan’s exit shows Ireland’s vibrant political culture has its costs

Politico, 4 September 2020

EU needs new trade chief at critical, uncertain moment

Deutsche Welle News, 3 September 2020

The Irish border

Postimees (Estonia), 15 December 2018

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